The Team

Temiloluwa Oladiji

Founder & Editor in Chief

Temi is a Nigerian Australian based in Melbourne. She was the president of Victoria University’s Afro Society for two years and currently serves on the board as a mentor. She is also the Deputy chair of the Cultural Diversity Student Network at VU. Her passion for cultural diversity and inclusion has enabled her to speak on panels at notable events such as the Australian Intercultural Society ‘Shut up and Listen’ youth forum, ‘Afro Queen Unite’ and ‘VU’s Ask that’ panel amongst others. She is also the director and producer of The Wonder Women series, a three part series that highlights the strength and courage of domestic violence survivors

In her spare time, you can often find her creating music, speaking on her podcast (3 Shades Deep) or binge watching sci-fi/comedy series on Netflix!

Dina Sargeant

Digital Editor and Social media manager

Dina is currently in her final year of studying a double major of digital media and communications at Victoria University. She is the current Director of media at VU Afro Society, a Student Mentor and currently an Intern at ABC. Finding ways to have a clear peace of mind or a healthy life is something that has been a big part of her life. Diversity is also a large part of her life as she grew up seeing people for who they are rather than where they’re from and that was really important thing to her.
Beyond uni and work, she spends a lot of time in front of the camera recording spoken words or thought monologues.

Natasha Prasad

Content Writer

Natasha is a proud Fiji Indian woman, currently studying my Bachelor of Education (P-12) at Victoria University. She is the treasurer of VU Afro Society and one of the starring queens of the 3 Shades Deep Podcast. As a woman of colour, Natasha understands the need to voice the value of diversity in the media, within education programs and everywhere else it lacks! Growing up she never really had mainstream women of colour to properly lookup to. Due to this, she is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in all areas. As a future educator, Natasha aims to be that inspiration or success story for all the little girls who feel like they aren’t truly represented.

You can always find Natasha scrolling through Instagram, laughing at funny memes or getting immersed in the latest telenovela in her spare time

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