It was right in the middle of one of the biggest social movement that would make history. The Black Lives Matter movement shut down streets and inspired change all over the world- right in the middle of a pandemic.

As we listened to the opposing side chant ‘All Lives Matter’ and deflect the obviously racist attacks to other topics such as ‘Black on Black crimes’, it was obvious that there was a gap that desperately needed to be filled. There was so much negativity surrounding People of Colour, that others thought we deserved some of the callous acts bestowed on us by those sworn to protect us. The media portrayed POC as starving, poor, violent and ugly creatures and that needed to change

The Black Handbook was created to shed a positive light on POC. In a world where people are boxed into negative stereotypes, this resource aims to change the narrative. Most importantly, The Black Handbook sets to inspire people all over the world to be whoever they want to be, by providing role models that we can all look up to.

Our dream is for the world to see POC for who they really are- creative, talented, disciplined, beautiful people who continue to succeed despite the many challenges. One day, we hope to watch the news, read the newspapers and see POC making the headlines for changing the world

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